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Painting your favorite thrill rides since 1983

The Leader

From a background in residential painting, owner Chris Baynum took on his first roller coaster project, Kings Islands “The Beast” back in the early 1980s. Baynum Painting has since skyrocketed to acclaim in the amusement park industry, and has been enjoying the ride ever since.

Baynum Painting has grown to become the premier ride painter in the amusement / theme park industry, having completed several hundred major ride projects at parks around the world. our team is unmatched when it comes to experience in this field.

Today our crews can be seen providing painting and related services to amusement and water parks of all sizes, working closely with park owners, operators, ride manufacturers, and maintenance teams. See below for more detail into the various service offerings and divisions of our company.


Amusement rides

Wooden & Steel Roller Coasters, Towers, Ferris Wheels, Flat Rides... name your favorite ride and we’ve probably worked on it or one just like it!


Water Parks

Fiberglass Slides and Aquatic Features, Steel Structure Corrosion Remediation, Gel Coating and other Specialized Finishes Unique to this Industry!


Construction Services

Ride Relocations, New Installations, Upgrades, Renovations, and More! We’ve assembled a team of talented professionals capable of tackling any project!

Prepare to be amazed.

Amusement Rides

Unmatched Experience

Hiring a contractor to oversee a major ride project can be a daunting task, simply because so many who don’t specialize in the Amusement Industry are unfamiliar with the unique requirements that come with maintaining rides. Baynum’s team of professionals who have worked for decades in this field represent a body of knowledge and capabilities that can tackle any assignment.

With thousands of hours amongst our crew leaders logged working on hundreds of roller coasters globally, and thousands of gallons of paint applied across a full spectrum of satisfied customers – few contractors can come close to competing with our painters and their accomplishments.

We have completed hundreds of projects combined on the following types of rides and amusement structure renovations:

  • wooden roller coaster repaints

  • hybrid wood / steel coaster retrofitting

  • steel coaster corrosion remediation & repaints

  • new coaster installation touch-up packages

  • ride-car renovations / carriages / gondolas

  • ferris wheel new installs & repaints

  • towers and extreme heights

Compliance and Regulatory Qualifications

Our organization understands the need for customers to properly vet any contractor being considered to undertake a difficult project. You can have confidence in our ability to qualify for and abide by even the most rigorous of laws and regulations that may apply. All Baynum personnel are subject to federal background checks and participate in our Corporate Drug Free Safety Program’s required testing.  Our safety record is outstanding, and is based on a training program that is amusement industry specific.

Our capabilities meet and exceed the following standards and contractor qualification programs, with more credentials being added all the time:

  • $10MM liability carrier

  • ISNetWorld Member Contractor

  • PICS Contractor Auditing

  • PEC Safety Authorized Provider

  • Browz Authorized Provider

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You have now entered the splash zone.

Water Park Slides & aquatic Features

total water park renovations

The conditions found in water parks vary greatly from place to place, so you need a renovation specialist familiar with each aspect of slides and their structures to help keep a ride looking its best.

Hundreds of successful water park projects with thousands of hours completing:

  • ride & slide exterior industrial coatings

  • fiberglass repair and restoration

  • slide interior surface gel-coating

  • thorough surface preparation

  • joint & seam caulking

  • structural steel corrosion remediation

  • water play structure complete renovation

  • safety floor surfaces

No matter the location or park setting

Baynum’s team has worked around the world on:

  • seasonal & year-round outdoor water parks

  • indoor water parks & resort lodging

  • state & local municipal owned pools & slides

  • parks & recreation managed properties

  • on-site renovations scheduled around your operation

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On Top of the Amusement Industry

Construction Services

added value & resources

Baynum has long been known as the top tier service provider for painting and coating related amusement industry projects. In recent years, we’ve added a strong core of experienced industry professionals to our team that have taken our capabilities to the next level. Now offering the following types of services,

Baynum is your first resource when it comes to establishing or maintaining an outstanding park or ride:

  • complete ride relocations

  • new ride & slide installations

  • total ride car rebuilds

  • play structure installs & refurbishment

  • safety flooring installs

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