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Twists & Turns, Loops & Heights

Whether the elements are taking their toll and asset preservation is atop your checklist…

or you’re seeking to instill new enthusiasm into your fan base with a ride rebranding – You can trust the experts at Baynum Painting to give your park’s most visible landmarks the very best look imaginable every time. Baynum Painting’s experience as a service provider to the Amusement Industry is unmatched, having grown to become the premier thrill ride and water park renovation specialist around the globe. From authentic national treasures like historic wooden coasters that have thrilled park patrons for generations, to the latest crop of insanely high magnetically charged steel super coasters; Baynum Painting is the world leader in roller coaster painting and refurbishment. On the aquatic side of the amusement industry, our team has installed, repaired, resurfaced, and rejuvenated hundreds of fiberglass slides and their structures for water parks everywhere.

Our skilled group of coating experts, rigging/site access specialists, and veteran painting supervisors combine to form a highly qualified team capable of taking on any project.


amusement Rides

Wooden & Steel Roller Coasters, Towers, Ferris Wheels, Flat Rides... name your favorite ride and we’ve probably worked on it or one just like it!


Water ParkS

Fiberglass Slides and Aquatic Features, Steel Structure Corrosion Remediation, Gel Coating and other Specialized Finishes Unique to this Industry!


Construction Services

Ride Relocations, New Installations, Upgrades, Renovations, and More! We’ve assembled a team of talented professionals capable of tackling any project!

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Our sister organization, BPI Painting Company, is known throughout the commercial property management field as being the premier provider of superior painting services. Our work can be seen nationwide, with satisfied clients throughout every type of commercial and industrial facilities.