From the Front Gate

From a background in residential painting, owner Chris Baynum took on his first roller coaster project, King's Island's "The Beast" back in the early 1980s. Baynum Painting then skyrocketed to acclaim in the amusement park industry, and has been enjoying the ride ever since.

Twists and turns, loops and heights:

Baynum Painting has grown to become the premier ride painter in the amusement / theme park industry around the world, reaching across the US and working in parks as far as China. From the old wooden coasters that have thrilled park patrons for generations, to the latest crop of insanely high magnetically charged steel super coasters.

Whether the elements are taking their toll and asset preservation is atop your checklist, or you're seeking to instill new enthusiasm into your fan base with a ride rebranding - You can trust the experts at Baynum Painting to give your park's most visible landmarks the very best look imaginable every time.

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